Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quote for the day: Education is a science of many relations

In Beauty Will Save the World, Gregory Wolfe describes the "sacramental vision" of his mentor Russell Kirk, which he saw firsthand not only as his student but as his driver.
"These trips [to Kirk's home] were always leisurely, made on back roads, all of which Kirk knew intimately. As we drove through the Michigan countryside, Kirk introduced me to the particular delights of each small town along the way...We always looked out for the black squirrels in Albion, as well as the sale table at the Albion College library. We never failed to stop at the ice cream parlor in Charlotte, which had once been the railroad depot. And in Ionia we visited the orchard...Kirk knew the streets where the best examples of neoclassical architecture could be found, not to mention the best diners."


Dawn said...

I have been enjoying thess quotes so very much. Thank you for sharing. This book is going to have to be on my To Read list.

Mama Squirrel said...

Dawn, this paragraph reminds me a bit of the other book I'd been reading, Writing to Learn--the point about stopping for squirrels and ice cream (every time) is something like trying to keep writing "real" and human. The small things that make life interesting are also the things we hope to find in living books.

Dawn said...

I love when the books I'm reading seem to be speaking to each other. :)