Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 Scrap Challenge: Ponytails' Yarn

Ponytails' yarn stash: the pink twist and the denim blue were already accounted for. What's left?
Slippers, made with a combination of lavender worsted and variegated purples. I did the toes with one strand of variegated plus one strand of lavender, then the backs with two strands of lavender. (Because that's how much yarn there was.) The pattern called for a very large hook, so I used one that seemed reasonably large, but I found that twelve stitches around the toes was too tight; I redid that part with about seventeen stitches around instead. Your mileage (or feet) may vary, but check as you work.

The big hook makes the crocheting quite open, and the yarn is a soft type, so I won't expect these to last as long as the Phentex beasts I've been wearing for about the past six years. But at least it's a change from rather gruesome turquoise.

Skinny scarf, made with Bernat Galaxy in "Deep Space," one of those novelty yarns with big furry bobbles. There isn't much you can do with those except simple, open stitches, so that's what I did:a long chain, two rows of double crochet, and about half a row of slip stitching before the yarn ran out.

And that's most of the yarn stash!

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