Monday, February 08, 2016

Thrift Sewing Week: That old thing?

I have some shortening, tightening, and in one case expanding to do on a pile of thrifted clothes, so I'm going to spread it over the week and post photos. As Charlotte Mason said, "pour encourager les autres." (To encourage other people.)

The first thing isn't thrifted, but it might as well have been. I wore this dress on dates with Mr. Fixit, and I've kept it ever since. You might remember it from my button-replacement hack a couple years ago. The idea to make it over came from a photo of an Old Navy shirt dress that popped up online: it was almost my dress! But without the floral lapels.
In the middle of the night (11:30 is the middle of the night around here), I was up sneezing and blowing my nose with a cold, and I thought "I could take those off." They were getting worn on the edges anyway and kept the dress from working with much else. Then I thought...if I do that, I might as well shorten it; and in that case the sleeves look a bit matronly, so they could come off too.
The next morning (still sneezing), I started to pick the lapels off with a stitch ripper. The floral fabric was also a facing for the  buttons and buttonholes, so I left that part intact. (It doesn't show much.)
Three inches off the bottom, and the trim and most of the sleeves gone.
What it looked like after hemming and turning under.
Dressing it up with a scarf (thrifted this week) and a belt. (The green stuff sticking out at the shoulders is a top I had on underneath.). That belt might not be my first choice, but I only have a couple--I'll keep looking for a better one.

The funny part is that I was wishing I had a springier dress, and now I do.


Honey and Pappy said...

Wow! That looks great. I wish I was talented like that.

Mama Squirrel said...

It was, honestly, not that hard. Just taking the old part off and then turning the sleeves and neck under and sewing them down. I think now that I could have left the sleeves alone, but oh well.

Jane said...

Great job on upcycling that dress! It really changes the entire style into something much more modern.

...they call me mommy... said...

It looks WONDERFUL! :D Great job! :)