Friday, April 15, 2016

A nice day for thrifting

Mr. Fixit and I made a trip to the thrift store. The weather has turned on its head and I decided I didn't even need my regular spring jacket, much less the winter coat I was wearing a couple of days ago. Today was jean jacket or sweater weather.

I had a list of things to look for at the store. One of them was a pashmina-type scarf so that I could try this tutorial at Design Fixation. You have to go see this, it's genius. Honestly. I found one in blue that I thought would work.

You snip the fringes off the scarf, fold it in half, and sew partway up what would be the right hand side in that photo. Then you hem the rough edge where the fringes used to be. That's all.
You end up with this thing kind of like a bib, with a neck hole in the middle.
What do you do with it? You can still tie it as a scarf, pulling the loose ends through the hole.
Or you can put the neckhole over your head and wear it as a cape or shawl. A scarf clip makes it look less like you're getting your hair cut.
Or you can just play around with it. There are videos at the website.
Considering the price of some of the ready-made convertible wraps and circle scarves out there, a $4 thrifted scarf with multiple personalities seems like a good deal.

I was looking for a hat, and I found one for a dollar.
I also found a sweater and a long-sleeved top.
And a bangle. (Reason why.)

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