Thursday, July 13, 2017

Crafting: a new old kit

I was at a local yarn/fabric outlet store, and came across a bunch of craft kits by a company called One Stick Two Stick. Reading the package inserts (plus a bit of online research) showed that these kits came out about ten years ago and were designed by Maggie Pace. The company website is now defunct. They originally sold for US$15.99, but our store is selling them for about three dollars Canadian.

What these are: kits that include patterns and materials (yarn, zippers) to make either crocheted or knitted, and then felted, pouches, bracelets, hats (I don't think our store had the hats), and a larger pouch called the Sushi Wallet. Each of them contains enough materials to make more than one item, with the stated intention that you make an extra for a friend!
I bought the Keychain Pouches kit. It came with three small balls of bamboo/wool yarn, zippers, and instructions for both knitted and crocheted versions. As you can see in the photo below, I'm partway done crocheting the main parts of the pouches (very easy). After that you sew them together, make trims with the leftover yarn, and felt them in the washing machine or in hot water. The zippers are sewn on at the end.
I've never done any felting before (at least not on purpose), and I'm not sure how our crotchety apartment-sized washer will feel about a tiny load in hot water; so I may look up the alternative no-washer felting directions. 

Keep your eyes open for old/new stuff at outlet and thrift stores--you never know what you'll find.


christinethecurious said...

If you have a hot water load anyway, you can toss your felting in, then toss it in the next load and so on as you work your way through the laundry.

Wool felts when it gets shocked with temperature change, and abrasion, soap makes it go a bit faster. If you want to do it by hand, you can alternate from hot bowl of soapy water to cold bowl of soapy water, mistreating the fabric all the way - but if you have an energetic kid on hand, it's nice to delegate.

What a great find!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, Christine!