Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jade and spruce are not teal, but I don't care (Thrifting clothes)

The photos below show a green jacket that I bought at a thrift store yesterday.

Maybe it's dark jade. Maybe it's spruce. In any case, when I got it home and held it up against the clothes I call "teal," I thought, "Wow, those are so blue, and this is so green." So, I'll wear it with grey things, like the top in the second photo. (I did have to cut out the giant shoulder pads.)
I also found a dark grey corduroy skirt. I am very careful these days about what comes home, even if it's a great deal. My general rule is to look for things unIike what I have, and a neutral knee-length skirt qualified. It also looks quite good with the jacket.
The total for everything was under $10, and that included a book (Celebration of Discipline, if you must know) and a pair of matching green pants that I'll probably re-gift to the thrift store.  (Tip number-whatever for thrifting: don't overlook clothes hung as "suits," because you might like at least one-half of them.) (What I did with the pants)

Final thought: I know not everybody buys clothes at the thrift store. They don't have a store close by, or the stores never have their size, or the styles they like, or they want to sew instead, or they already have everything they need. All good reasons. Or they just don't like thrift stores. Okay. But as for in the random world of thrift feels like God poking me, reminding me that, jade, spruce, or teal, it's enough.

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