Christmas Past, Christmas Present(s)

Last updated November 16, 2016

Holiday links from 2015

Ringing in the Wednesday Hodgepodge

Frugal Christmas is not an Oxymoron

Christmas Breakfast

A Christmas Eve devotional reading

Merry Little Wednesday Hodgepodge

Paper star garland

Walmart's Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Bars (recipe)

An early-December Wednesday Hodgepodge with photos

Twelve Days of Christmas Crafting (gifts I made)

Favourite craft and gift links, 2014

My own Christmas crafts photo page (family keep out)

A cute crocheted thing (don't peek)

Crocheted versions of you-know-who

Cutest handwarmers ever

Handmade Holidays Nov. 8 at SewMamaSew: Easy Gifts for Beginners to Sew

Christmas Past, Christmas Presents (and crafts and baking)

Making it Christmas (2012)
"December Is" posts, 2009
"A Non-Stupid Christmas"
"Keep it Simple, Sisters"
"Christmas is Only Beginning"
"Christmas is About Grace," 2008
Great Holiday Expectations (and keeping your sanity), from 2007
"Grace in Shepherds Abiding", 2007
"Frugal Christmas," 2006

Dewey's Favourite Christmas Songs

A Month of Favourite Holiday Books
Christmas Books Quiz 2012
2011 Christmas Book Quiz
2009 Book Quiz
2006 Book Quiz

"The Homeschoolers' Christmas"
What Christmas Is: From the Mind of a Kindergartner

Our Global Advent Calendar, 2006
All Kinds of Advent Posts

"Play it Again, Eric"
"What a Six-Year-Old Wants for Christmas," 2007

"What to Give to the Strugglehards, 1886"

Remembering Christmas 2011Also here.  And here.  More decorations here.
Remembering Christmas 2009.
2007: The Year We Broke the Rules
Gifts for 2007
"Favourite Things at Christmas," 2005

Favourite Treehouse Ornaments
Gift Baskets.  More ideas here.
Making Stuff, 2010
Glitzy Gift Sacks, 2008

Cookies 2010, with links
A Cookie Roundup, 2009
All Kinds of Cookie Posts!
Christmas Day Lunch

Carols and Hymns

New Year's Eve Posts
New Year's Day Posts
Epiphany Posts

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