Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Project 333 Clothes, Winter to Spring 2016

Last updated June 08, 2016

Homepage for Courtney Carver's Project 333
Summer  2016 Clothes Page

Project 333 is a more-with-less wardrobe project to wear what you need and enjoy what you already have. It's not about dressing fancy (I don't), or having a different outfit every day. It's not about achieving the perfect wardrobe, but more about realizing "I have enough." (My own thoughts on this: "The Midlife Clothing Crisis.")
The idea is to choose 33 items of clothing, including outerwear and shoes; and to wear only those for a three-month period. I didn't include jewelry in the 33 items, and I decided to count belts, bags, and scarves as one item each. There is no magic about the number 33, and I could have written every single thing down and just made it a higher number, but this way it actually did come out to 33. Maybe 33.5.
What non-regular Treehouse readers don't know: I find most of my clothes at the same thrift store, often on the last-chance dollar rack. You might think it's easier to get rid of mistakes, dislikes, and unwearables when you've only spent a dollar or two on them, but those of us who were imprinted with a message of "wear it, at least it doesn't have holes in it" can still get guilted by parting with the no-goes. Things that look better on the hanger aren't worth the space.

APRIL 15th UPDATED LIST (33 items, not counting purses, belts, hats and scarves)

fuchsia tunic-length tank top
burgundy tank top
purple t-shirt
grey t-shirt, short sleeved

grey t-shirt, long sleeved
wine merino wool long-sleeved top

bright blue cowlneck sweater
short-sleeved pink sweater
grey-blue jersey top
mulberry short-sleeved blouse
red oversized shirt
navy print pullover blouse

teal-green drape-front jacket
grey wrap vest
raspberry cardigan
charcoal cardigan
grey short-sleeved cardigan
denim shirt (doubles as a jean jacket)

cotton skirt: white, grey and grape purple print

dark grey pants
charcoal jeggings
wine-coloured jeggings (stretched out even though they're almost new, so they're going to the thrift store)
khaki pants

dark purple-blue sleeveless maxi dress
purple and pink print faux-wrap dress
teal jersey top plus teal wrap skirt

dress-length purple coat
denim-blue zip-up cardigan (without the zipper)
green short trench coat

navy Naturalizer shoes
purple canvas running shoes
super-comfortable navy summer shoes

Things to wear from Mid-March to Victoria Day Weekend (mid-May) 

Everyday life: working from home; grocery shopping or keeping my husband company on errands (such as trips to the thrift store); church; an occasional meeting, school event, or get-together with family.

Special events: Easter weekend; an April homeschool conference; a couple of birthdays, the Deep in the Heart of AO Conference in May.

TANKS AND T-SHIRTS: see updated list above


5. dark blue wrap-front pullover (you have to wear it over things)
6. long-sleeved sheer white blouse
7. wine button-up shirt

8. red oversized shirt

9. grey/ brown jersey pullover

10. bright blue cowlneck sweater
11. purple elbow-length-sleeved top; I have a short-sleeved pink sweater I might switch for either this or the blue sweater, when the weather gets warmer

11.5 my favourite pullover blouse from last summer, because I like it and it goes with things


12. teal-green drape-front jacket

13. mulberry short-sleeved blouse that can tie at the front or the back and be a top or bottom layer
14. grey wrap vest
15. raspberry cardigan
 16. charcoal cardigan


17. dark grey pants

18. charcoal jeggings (my jeans substitute right now)

19. bone-coloured pants (when it gets a bit warmer; for now, a pair of wine-coloured jeggings)

20. cotton skirt I made: white, grey and grape purple print (when it gets warm enough; for now I'm still wearing the dark brown winter skirt in the photo above).

21. khaki pants


22. purple and pink print dress

23. denim sleeveless dress (remodelled from my own vintage-wear)

24. grey-blue sweater dress

25. dark purple-blue sleeveless maxi dress


26. dress-length purple coat

27. green short trench coat

(I do have another windbreaker with a hood, for serious rain.)


28. short grey pull-on boots

29. navy Naturalizer shoes

30. purple canvas running shoes

30.5 A pair of super-comfortable navy summer shoes


31. belts: brown, silver

32. bags: purple tote bag (DIY, upcycled);  navy purse (for "good"); small grey-blue purse

33. scarves: bright purple, indigo print, berry pink, shades of green


jean jacket and/or chambray shirt
a light-coloured cardigan and/or a zipper hoodie
pair of jeans, maybe
everyday shoes
A couple of spring-coloured, lightweight tops/blouses


Embroidered vest, $1. I like this one because it can be worn buttoned as a sweater or open as a vest.

Grey-blue jersey top, $1

Raspberry cardigan, $3

A scarf I didn't strictly need, but it is really nice and will go with everything else. ($3)


Two things from my wish list:
Denim shirt
Short-sleeved long cardigan

IT FOLLOWED ME HOME (April update)

I went to a consignment shop and suffered through several country-western songs I didn't like while I tried on a jacket (made me look scary), a cocoon wrap (felt like it would fall apart), a blue top (okay, but just okay), and this teal Mexx top.
It was the embroidery that did it.  Something else can leave, this one's staying.


I was looking for a hat, and I found one for a dollar.
T-shirts! (to put away for summer)



1. Blue sweater dress, grey leggings, pink scarf, boots
2. Blue wrap pullover, grey t-shirt, khaki pants
3. Wine vest, grey t-shirt, khaki pants, plaid flats
4. Blue cowlneck sweater, brown skirt, charcoal tights, black flats (old ones because it was raining), (charcoal cardigan, green coat)
5. Grey t-shirt, charcoal jeggings, navy cardigan
6. Red shirt, grey-blue tank top, old jeans
7. Purple round-neck top worn over the maxi (belted midi-length), purple scarf tied braid-style, tights, grey boots
8. Blue wrap pullover, fuchsia longer tank, grey pants, pink scarf tied braid-style, grey boots, (green coat)
9. Teal jacket, purple maxi dress, green scarf, navy shoes
10. Wine jeggings, grey t-shirt, mulberry shirt
11. Wine jeggings, wine embroidered vest buttoned and worn as a top, mulberry shirt worn loose over top
12. Denim dress, grey tank, charcoal cardigan, tights, boots
13. Wine vest over the mulberry blouse, wine jeggings
14. Grey vest over purple t-shirt, khaki pants
15. Because it's freezing rain when we should be thinking spring: sweater dress and leggings.
16. Because it's Easter weekend (although there's ice on the trees): pink sweater, purple scarf, dark brown skirt, tights.
17. Grey cardigan, blue cowlneck sweater, wine jeggings
18. Purple and pink print dress, fuchsia camisole, (purple coat)
19. Wine shirt, wine vest, grey pants
20. Blue print pullover blouse, charcoal jeggings, charcoal cardigan
21. Playing with grey: charcoal cardigan, charcoal t-shirt, grey vest tied as a scarf, khaki pants.
22. White blouse, blue pullover sweater, brown skirt, tights.
23. Purple t-shirt, purple scarf, old jeans, that aren't on the list, that I just wear at home.
24. Layers: fuchsia tank, mulberry shirt worn open, grey vest worn open. Grey pants.
25. Plaid jersey top, grey pants, grey vest tied as a scarf, (rain jacket, old shoes)


1. Purple t-shirt, pink scarf, bone-coloured pants (time to break out the spring things?)
2. Charcoal t-shirt, grey pants, teal jacket, striped scarf, boots
3. Purple top, charcoal jeggings, raspberry cardigan, striped scarf
4. Grey-blue top, raspberry cardigan, dark brown skirt, tights, scarf
5. Red blouse, charcoal jeggings, scarf (isn't it funny how different a scarf can look against different colours?)
6. Almost like March #21: charcoal t-shirt, khaki pants, grey vest worn loose under the charcoal cardigan (instead of as a scarf); plus a necklace made of turquoise beads. (Outdoor additions: snow boots and a winter jacket. This week is not very springlike.)
7. Snow-defying pink: pink sweater, pink scarf, wine jeggings. Begone, winter, you've overstayed.
8. Blue print blouse, grey pants, charcoal cardigan
9. Grey-blue top, raspberry cardigan, grey pants, striped scarf
10. Blue wrap pullover, charcoal t-shirt, charcoal jeggings, striped scarf, boots, jacket.
11. Purple maxi dress (belted up), raspberry cardigan, purple scarf, tights, navy shoes
12. Because not every day is for dressing up: purple t-shirt, khaki pants, turquoise beads.
13. Ditto: grey tank, charcoal jeggings, wine shirt. Added because we're back to icy, melty, foggy weather and I'm cold: vest, scarf. (Winter jacket, boots)
14. Denim shirt, purple t-shirt, grey pants, purple scarf.
15. Plaid jersey top, khaki pants.
16. Pink sweater, grey cardigan, pink scarf,  charcoal jeggings
17. Grey long sleeved t-shirt, grey pants, denim shirt. Coat-free!
18. Wine jeggings, wine long-sleeved top, denim shirt, blue scarf, boots. Which was very nice until it got hot...switched to jeggings, tank top, and dinner on the barbecue.
19. Purple maxi, grey short-sleeved cardigan, purple scarf, boots.
20. Fuchsia tank, grey short-sleeved cardigan, grey pants, striped scarf
21. Grey-blue jersey top, print skirt, denim shirt (as jean jacket), blue scarf
22. Blue sweater, khaki pants, purple scarf
23. Blue print blouse, denim-blue cardigan, charcoal jeggings
24. Wine long-sleeved top, wine jeggings, and the blue scarf this way and that.
25. Pink sweater, khaki pants, pink scarf.
26. Teal top (the one that followed me home), khaki pants, striped scarf.
27. Purple t-shirt, purple scarf, grey pants.
28. Burgundy tank top, raspberry cardigan, khaki pants, purple scarf
29. Charcoal t-shirt, charcoal jeggings, mulberry blouse
30. Teal jacket, green top, grey pants, purple scarf.

1. Charcoal t-shirt, teal jacket, khaki pants, green scarf, green outdoor jacket. (It's still a little chilly.)
2. Grey tank top, grey cardigan, charcoal jeggings, indigo print scarf
3. Fuchsia tank, teal wrap skirt, charcoal cardigan
***Why am I bothering to keep track of this? Just to see what gets worn often, sometimes, or never.*** 


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