Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Project 333, Summer 2017

Last updated August 31, 2017 (final thoughts)

"Letting go may feel hard and sound loud, but holding on is harder." ~~ Courtney Carver, "The Sound of Letting Go" 

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My last season's list: Winter's End 2017

Time period: May to August 2017

This spring/summer brings change here in much more than clothing. We are in the middle/muddle of moving from a house to an apartment, which means that I've been busy with things other than what to wear, and also that I'm going to have less closet and drawer space when the moving is done. So, Project 333 to the rescue. Also the new (to me) idea of a One Week Wardrobe, which is another way of saying, "I have enough." 

TOTAL ITEMS:  34...then a few warmer-weather additions and substitutions (scroll down for the Midsummer Update)

Not counting: scarves, jewelry, and hats

Inspirations This Summer
File:Breakfast in the Garden, Frieseke.jpg
 Breakfast in the Garden, by Frederick Carl Frieseke,
also called Teatime in a Giverny Garden. Tea, breakfast, it's all good.

My husband gave me this necklace for my birthday: an instant favourite.

What's on the list? 


Blue quilted backpack (NEW, gift). 
Purple purse (thrifted)
Small blue shoulder bag (thrifted)


Grey and white sneakers (NEW)
Dark blue slip-on shoes
Bone-coloured flats


Teal Chrysalis Cardi from Encircled (can be a wrap, cape/poncho, sleeveless dress, short skirt, long skirt, or infinity scarf)

shown here as a dress under the watercolour-print shawl

Purple sleeveless maxi dress (thrifted). Honest comment: I don't wear this often, but it's on the list just in case. UPDATE: I sent this to the thrift store. 

shown with teal Chrysalis Cardi 

Dark blue cotton dress (NEW, thrifted). I like this dress a lot, and it gets worn about once a week.

Sage-green sleeveless dress (thrifted) UPDATE: This dress was starting to show its age, so I took it off the list.


Green skirt (NEW, thrifted)

Print skirt (handmade)

Bone-coloured pants (thrifted)

Navy shorts (thrifted)

Navy cropped pants with a bit of floral texture (NEW, thrifted). I love the extra pattern on these--it makes them more interesting than the plain navy ones i had last summer.

Charcoal jeggings

Grey jeans (thrifted)

TOPS (12)

Indigo-print tank top (thrifted)

Grey/blue striped tank top (NEW, thifted)

Long pink tank top

Three cotton t-shirts (NEW): "Purple Rain," "Elderberry," and "Antique Vanilla." Did you ever buy something just because the name sounded delicious?

Long navy t-shirt (thrifted)
Grey jersey top, 3/4 sleeves (thrifted)

Green long-sleeved t-shirt (thrifted)

Dark denim shirt (NEW, thrifted)
Navy pullover sweater (thrifted)

Green pullover sweater (NEW, thrifted)

Denim-blue cardigan (NEW). I have been wearing this quite often because it's long but still lightweight.

Purple/pink long sleeveless vest...I think it's a vest. Honest comment: I'm not really wearing it that much, but I wanted to keep it around for the occasional occasion.. (NEW, thrifted) UPDATE: I sent this back to the thrift store.

Jean jacket (thrifted)

Sage-green outdoor jacket (thrifted/D.I.Y.)


Blue and silver scarf with butterflies (thrifted)

Impressionist watercolours in a big scarf (NEW, thrifted)

Indigo print silk scarf from Living Blue (thrifted)

The same scarf, worn cape-style

Some jewelry I wear a lot (yard-saled, handmade by daughters, and gifts)

Getting Through the Week

Monday:  Cardigan or denim shirt, striped tank top, navy shorts, blue shoes, backpack

Tuesday: Off-white t-shirt, green skirt, butterfly scarf, bone-coloured or blue shoes, light blue purse

Wednesday:  Pink tank top, purple/pink vest, grey jeans and grey running shoes, or sandals, purple purse

I discovered that the vest also works upside down.

Thursday:  Purple-blue t-shirt, print skirt, bone-coloured shoes, or sandals

Or maybe add a scarf.

Friday:  Bright mauve t-shirt, matching circle scarf, bone-coloured pants and shoes, backpack or purple purse
Saturday: Navy printed t-shirt and tank (or pullover if it's cool), navy cropped pants, blue shoes, backpack
Sunday: (1) Navy sleeveless dress with indigo-print long scarf used as belt; bone-coloured shoes or sandals, blue purse

(2) Indigo-print tank top, charcoal jeggings. blue shoes, backpack

A Midsummer Update

Typical for southern Ontario in mid-June, temperatures are up and long sleeves have been pushed to the back of the drawer. I've also added a few things, photos below.

I bought these fabric shoes at the discount store next door to our building, and they're one of my favourite new things; they seem to go with just about everything, even dresses.
I haven't had a summer hat in awhile, but I wasn't sure what kind I wanted. I looked at a vintage store first, and all they had were cowboy hats, and one other that was sort of sportin', as Mr. Fixit would put it, but that one wasn't for sale (don't ask me why that makes sense).  I looked at the thrift store, and they had a couple of straw hats in good shape, but straw makes me look like a scarecrow. I settled for this crocheted one, also from the discount store.
I posted about these tops and this scarf here.
I just bought a long petrol-blue top and a dark-grey linen-blend skirt at a thrift store, so I haven't had a chance to wear them much yet. They make a good outfit together, with a belt.
One longtime piece of shopping wisdom is that some things look good on the hanger, but not on you, and vice versa. You might almost pass by something that doesn't stand out, but when you try it on, blam! The other point is that changing room lights and mirrors, even in good stores, can be awful. They distort colours, and make even pretty ladies look sickly.. So I figure that if you try on something and it looks pretty good even in the thrift-store changing room, that's a good sign. This purple fleece cardigan was like that for me; it's a bit out of season, not something that really jumped out on a first browse. But when I put it on, after trying a couple of other things that were just can I put this...suddenly I could see myself in the mirror. I think that's what you're aiming for when you find the right colour. (The camera is playing tricks, though: the jacket is a medium plum purple, not as blue as it looks here.)
So now I just have to wait until it cools off a bit again.

Final Summer Thoughts: This summer is one I'll always remember: new place, new routines, new ideas. The weather was mostly warm, but not unreasonable, and I think I wore shorts more often than I did in other years (I ended up with two pairs of navy and denim shorts, a no-decision-fatigue situation). One thing I (sadly) hardly ever wore was the hat: there just wasn't the opportunity, we didn't even get to the beach. A couple of things (you can see which ones) got crossed out and re-donated. But most of the things on this list worked well together. Goodbye, summer and sleeveless...hello, September, jeans and new boots.

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