Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Frugal Sew Crafty feature on HomeSchoolBlogger

Those of you who read the HSB blog may already know about their weekly Sew Crafty feature. So far there are quilting instructions (with photos!) and three other projects that can be made with recycled fabric items. Since all the good downtown fabric stores here closed several years ago (even FabricLand moved to the other end of town), buying new fabric for a project means asking Mr. Fixit to make a special trip to the mill outlet store. And besides, have you priced new fabric lately? Buying fabric for a tote bag (that I would probably sew somewhat badly) is more expensive than buying a slightly used yard-sale tote bag (that someone did a better job on). (Besides being hard to get since I don't drive the squirrel-mobile.)

But old curtains and too-big skirts--those, I can find. And the photographs with the instructions make the projects seem more do-able. I hope Randi will keep adding more ideas to her page, because this is something both grownup and younger squirrels (and other beings) can draw inspiration from!

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