Monday, March 25, 2013

"That took guts" news roundup

Or, somebody's gonna get some hate mail?

1. "Global warm-mongers," (link fixed) by Lorrie Goldstein, in the Toronto Sun. A passel of quotes from the loudest of the environmentalists, past and present.  "Imagine if people like these were in charge of the planet."  You mean they're not?

2.  You might have heard about Dr. Benjamin Carson, over the years.  You might have seen the video of his recent speech in front of U.S. President Obama.  Canada's National Post reprinted an NYT article by Trip Gabriel, recapping the whole thing and suggesting that it might not be so far-fetched for Dr. Carson to have a political future.  Makes you think maybe there is still room for common sense in the world.

3.  An atheist philosopher named Thomas Nagel has published a book, Mind & Cosmos, "which urges deep skepticism about evolution's explanatory power."  "Its vicious reception...illustrates the perils of raising arguments against intellectual orthodoxy."  In other words, a lot of academics are very, very mad at Thomas Nagel (National Post), because if atheists don't believe in God, they're not supposed to believe that people are more than an accidental splash of chemicals either.  Right?  So what's Professor Nagel stumbling over that makes him question it all?  Human consciousness.  Oh brave new world.
"How do these elements become the meaning?  How are they inseparable from the meaning? As Yeats wrote:

O body swayed to music, O quickening glance,
How shall I tell the dancer from the dance?" ~~ John Ciardi, "How Does a Poem Mean?" 

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