Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The plea for free education is a specious blind": Charlotte Mason (The Way of the Reason)

If Charlotte Mason didn't always approve of homeschooling...it looks like she wasn't much in favour of compulsory public education, either.  At least not what she interpreted as government brainwashing masquerading as a free gift to a nation's children. (Seems to me, though, that the proposed education would be discouraging of revolutionary principles, at least the principle of rebelling against the current regime!)

In her point-by-point examination of the "Marxian Manifesto," she says this:
(10) "Public and gratuitous education for all children." This happily we have seen carried out with the proviso, 'for whom it may be necessary or desirable.' The difficulty lies in the conception of education formed by a Soviet community; and the plea for free education is a specious blind, the intention being such an education as shall train the coming generation in rabid revolutionary principles.
(Charlotte Mason, Towards a Philosophy of Education (1923).  Chapter 9, "The Way of the Reason," page 146)

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