Monday, October 27, 2014

A gift from L'Harmas (L'Harmas posts)

This year's L'Harmas theme was the praying mantis.  They popped up, so to speak, all over; there was even a live one on the nature table in the hall.

And just before we left, each of us was given our own hand-collected, Mason-jarred praying mantis egg sac, to keep somewhere cool over the winter.  In the spring it will hatch into lots and lots of tiny praying mantises (see video below).

Charlotte Mason said that the mind is no mere sac to hold ideas, but in this case I think it's true. From small beginnings, many great things spread.

Thanks extremely to the families of the L'Harmas organizers who put all those jars together!  May you never find a forgotten one hatching in your kitchen.


walking said...

I think that was the best "party favor" I have ever received! I knew I was surrounded by kindred spirits when I heard the gasp of delight followed by clapping.

Jennifer Larnder Gagnon said...

Kindred spirits indeed! I was so afraid that the ootheca would not be well received.