Sunday, May 03, 2015

Six weeks of school left (Lydia's Grade Eight)

You've heard of life interrupting school? Sometimes school interrupts school. In this case, it was an essay assignment for Citizenship class, and I gave Lydia permission to focus on that last week instead of the regular work.

Because at this point, whether we get to 1688 in history or not doesn't seem as critical as just finishing out the year the best that we can.

Plans for this week:

Finishing off Paul Klee, because Lydia asked if we could do M.C. Escher as a second artist this term.

Doing one week on Dryden's poetry ("The New Poetry"), in between Milton and Donne.

Reading a chapter together on plate tectonics, from Why Geology Matters. We will also be picking up that section in Apologia Exploring Creation Through Physical Science.

Continuing Latin lessons, geography (we are following the Bakers along the Nile), and mathematics.

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Jeanne said...

Big sigh. Only six more weeks.