Monday, December 05, 2016

From my Project 333 page: A reminder that enough is enough

Posted today on my #Project333 page

Here is a simple fact of life: not everybody can or should own one of everything, all of the time. This is as true with clothes as with anything else. What do you do when you're short on something? My teenager's usual solution for this is to call up her friend around the corner and see if she can borrow whatever it is. Since I don't have that option, I have to stay creative on my own.

This winter I am short on second layers: cardigan sweaters and things like that, that can be the third piece in an outfit. I do have blazers, but they're too "office" for church, and not comfortable to wear around the house. I realized that, in the "problem" described above, I could go out shopping for cardigans. Or maybe I already had enough other things that were meeting my own real needs. I had enough clothes that would keep me warm, if that was the issue. I had other clothes I could layer. I did find a zippered vest, so I've been wearing that at home, and I also wear pullovers (which should count as second layers), and shirts worn over t-shirts. My Chrysalis Cardi makes a good extra layer too. When I'm cold and I need something in a hurry, I pull out my denim shirt/jacket, which isn't on my list for this winter but probably should be.

My favourite way to fill in the gap, when I want something more dressy, is with scarves. If they're big enough, you can wear them as shawls, or belt them over a dress (below).
When it came down to it, I realized I was doing fine already, for my own set of occasions, without adding anything that buttoned up the front.

Some people live in Texas and do not have winter coats. Some people do not own a dress. Some people do not own yoga pants. Or running shoes. If you only sort-of need something, or need it once in awhile, maybe you can improvise. And if you need to admit that you hate high heels, or jeans, or cardigans, that's okay too. (Doesn't that feel better?)

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