Friday, August 17, 2018

Who Made My Scarf? (National Thrift Shop Day)

Happy National Thrift Shop Day! Our local MCC store is celebrating with discount prices and cake for the customers.

I picked up this purple infinity scarf today, just because I liked the colour.
But I was curious about this label I found stitched into the blanket-stitched edge: "Ayu Sewing Project, Handmade in Indonesia."
I came home and looked up the Ayu Sewing Project. It turns out that a talented group of Indonesian women  are making scarves...beaded scarves, batik scarves, jersey scarves, an astonishing variety of help support their families. All that blanket stitching is done by hand.  (They have also branched out into other projects, such as very nice-looking cosmetic bags.)
So my scarf has a story, and a group of real people behind it. I might even leave the label on the scarf, just as a reminder.

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