Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Project 333 Clothes, Summer 2016

Last updated July 21, 2016

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Putting this together has been a challenge, and it turned out somewhat differently than I planned. That was partly due to the fact that I've continued to "thrift" pieces for summer, and then a few of the things I found didn't fit or work as well as others. There were also some things I've worn a lot but have decided to give a rest for the next while.  So I wasn't sure until this week what the summer keepers were. (I do have a few extra things that are stay-home-only.)

Everybody's idea of summer clothes is different. I don't wear shorts much outside of the yard, and I don't do much strappy or tanky unless I have another layer going.  We have one wedding anniversary to celebrate, and a couple of birthdays. We might take one or two day trips to Lake Huron or the Elora Gorge, or to one of the small tourist towns to do some antiquing and browsing; but I don't plan on doing a lot of outdoor things like camping.

The list

grey-blue tank top
blue print longer-length tank top
navy tank top (the kind with spaghetti straps)
burgundy tank top

fuchsia longer-length tank top

teal embroidered scoop-neck top

dark grey scoop-neck t-shirt

Grey-blue 3/4 lengthsleeve top

Addition: purple sleeveless blouse (I found this at a yard sale and hoped to wear it through the summer, but it was too tight)

navy t-shirt

charcoal long-sleeved t-shirt
green long-sleeved jersey t-shirt (haven't worn either of these much, it's been hot)

Berry-coloured extra-long blouse

purple, grey and white print skirt

teal linen wrap skirt

Addition: charcoal skirt

purple maxi dress (also works as long skirt)

Addition: sage green sleeveless dress

purple and pink print wrap dress

navy shorts
navy cropped pants
charcoal jeggings
bone-coloured pants
khaki pants with a bit of stripe in them

teal drape-front jacket (haven't worn this much, again it's been too hot)

grey short-sleeved long cardigan

jean shirt/jacket

green outdoor jacket

small grey-blue purse

floral tote bag

brown belt

navy everyday espadrilles
navy dressier shoes
bone-coloured flat sandals


Everglade (teal green) Chrysalis Cardi, a multi-purpose dress, wrap, scarf, skirt, etc. (See my review.)


I'm not doing a whole list here like I did on the first page, but I will post a few photos here and there.

Blue top, bone pants, circle scarf. I found the scarf at a yard sale and thought they would look good together.

May 22, 2016: "I took my Project 333 Travelling"

I am mostly a homebody and don't do much travelling, but this past week was the Deep in the Heart of AmblesideOnline Conference in Texas, so off I went with my carry-ons. It was kind of nice to know that the things I was taking were already the things I was wearing, if that makes sense. I packed things that were the lightest weight and so took up the least space, but that were comfortable as well.
It all worked really well, and I appreciated the lighter weight bag while rushing to change planes. Also in getting things down from overhead compartments!

Print tank top, grey cardigan, shorts.
I figured out a new way to wear my long berry-coloured blouse (tied up shorter). I think I'm going to hem the blouse, though, because it's hard to wear as is.

June 1, 2016: Thrifted Skirt

I had been wanting a longish but lightweight skirt, and one popped up yesterday at the thrift store. (Half price, $3.) The colour is almost black, but more like charcoal. I like the pleats, and the self-covered buttons at the top.

June 24, 2016: Green dress from the thrift store. Circle scarf from a yard sale (the one in the May photo).

Stay tuned in August for the back-to-fall edition.

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