Project 333, Summer 2019: Violets in an Egg Cup

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I find it much easier to have a minimal wardrobe in the summer months than in the winter. Besides the obvious reason that it's warmer, it also tends to be a very casual season for us, without a lot of surprises, so repetition is fine.

Inspiration: violets, blue glass birds, and weathered picnic tables.

List of Clothes

Sleeveless top, multicolour print (thrifted)

Two tank tops--deep pink, green

Off-white t-shirt (thrifted)

Blue linen t-shirt (thrifted)

Berry-coloured top (thrifted)

Long navy t-shirt  (thrifted)

Grey t-shirt for volunteering

Lightweight off-white sweater (thrifted)

Grey and blue striped pullover (yard-saled)

Long-sleeved violet t-shirt (thrifted)

Added later: purple wrap top (thrifted)

Blue and white striped shirt (thrifted)

Plaid shirt (thrifted)

Purple silk shirt (thrifted)

Jean-style tencel shirt (thrifted)

Navy pull-on pants and top (dressier)  (consignment/thrifted)

Levi's jeans (thrifted)

Navy shorts (thrifted)

Summer-weight jeans (thrifted)

Blue denim print skirt (thrifted)

Blue and purple print skirt (dressier)  (handmade/thrifted)

Green bamboo-cotton dress (review here)

Purple jersey sleeveless dress (thrifted, NEW)

Teal Chrysalis Cardi: can be worn as sun dress, skirt, wrap/poncho (review here)

Springtime navy dress (thrifted)

Pearl-grey jersey tank dress (long, but can be belted up)

Lightweight grey/silver cardigan/wrap that seems like it was made for the dress above (thrifted)

Rain jacket, green and purple (old)

Grey poncho

Jean jacket (thrifted)

White sneakers

 Flowered slip-on shoes

Striped ballet flats (thrifted)

Summer One-Week Wardrobe

Off-white t-shirt, pants or shorts, sneakers

Sleeveless top under a shirt, OR long-sleeved purple t-shirt; jeans, sneakers

Green dress, sneakers or flats

Blue t-shirt or navy t-shirt, blue print skirt, sneakers or flats

MCC Volunteering t-shirt or another t-shirt, jeans, sneakers

Purple silk shirt, plaid shirt, or lightweight white pullover over a tank top; shorts or jeans, sneakers.

Sundays or dressier days: skirts/tops, dresses

Last updated July 6, 2019

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