Friday, June 03, 2005

Pink Crayons

Hi! This is Crayons. Did you know that I turned four? Well, there's a printer at our house. It goes out with paper in it. Well, we can print lots of colouring pictures!

I know what to do when I have a quiet time [She means naptime, not timeouts]. Play on my bed. I play with my baby toy apple. I play with my big polka dot ball. I keep losing some of my toys.

Did you know that I have some family? Did you know that I have my friend Uncle Dewey, and my koala and my bear are friends with me?

Well, I want to barbeque by myself [Crayons is starting to get silly]. (That says b-b-b-barbeque?) Well, I sing. I'm gonna sing for you now [Picks up Duplo microphone and starts to sing]. For down in my heart . . .


Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

Congratulations on turning four!! I hope you had a nice birthday cake!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you! There's a post about Crayons' birthday here: , and there's a link to the Family Fun article that had her butterfly cake picture. It was the young squirrels' first experience with Twinkies, an almost-never food in the Treehouse (you use one for the butterfly's body). The Apprentice thoughtfully brought out another magazine article about a classroom teacher who preserved a Twinkie on top of his chalkboard for 30 years.
After that Mama Squirrel didn't even want to touch one of them.