Monday, June 05, 2006

The way of the dodo posted a link to this article about the rather posh homeschooling option of hiring a professional teacher or tutor. ("Another variant of school at home very different from the homeschooling most know," comments Homeschoolbuzz.)

What struck me most was this comment by Bob Harraka, president of Professional Tutors of America:
[he] cannot meet a third of the requests for in-home education that come in, he said, because they are so specialized or extravagant: a family wants a teacher to instruct in the art of Frisbee throwing, button sewing or Latin grammar.
My goodness, Latin grammar? What will they think of next? I guess one would really have to hunt far and wide to find a teacher versed in something so specialized and extravagant.

I could recommend a few homeschooled teenagers, though...

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