Monday, March 03, 2008

Winter By Ponytails

Guess what?
I went outside today and it smelled like spring sort of!
It smelled like mud actually.
But I guess it was a sign of spring even if tomorrow it's going to snow!



Jacqueline said...

That reminds me of my daughter. She always says she can smell the changes of the seasons long before you can actually see much of it.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ponytails, hold on to that smell. It says that although more snow may come, something had deep down changed, and spring cannot be all that far behind.

From: A fellow change-smeller

PS: I smelled it on Saturday. So I have hope in my heart despite the snow on the ground this morning!

Birdie said...

We are actually getting snow right now in TEXAS! Just last week we had trees budding.

Anonymous said...

Hey i know what you mean. I have seen the first bit of sun today! I hope it keeps up.

Great blog btw!

coffeemamma said...

It certainly doesn't smell like sping today, does it??