Monday, September 16, 2013

Dollygirl's Monday School Plans, with some updates

Opening time:  hymns and memory work.

Poems, especially those with similes in them (theme of last week's Grammar of Poetry)

History of English Literature: “One of the Sorrows of Storytelling” (a retelling of of Deirdre).

Math: Key to Percents: starting on page 24, Estimating Percents. Work for 30 minutes.

English History: finish Chapter 1 (short section on Christianity in Roman Britain); read Chapter 2 together, "The Coming of the Saxons."

Geography, In Search of England: continue reading. Goals for this week: complete Chapter 3, mark map, work on project.  Natural History:  read chapter 1 of Keeping a Nature Journal; go outside and make a journal entry.

Go on an errand with Dad.

(Lunch break)

Christian Studies: Acts of the Apostles, continue reading.

Easy Grammar Plus: continue the unit on prepositions.

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Chapter 3, "Inflation."

Powerglide French, starting on page 22: working with number vocabulary. Follow notes on the bookmark.

Readalouds (Tolkien) and crafts (cross stitch).

After supper: swimming lesson.

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