Monday, April 18, 2016

Decluttering Scavenger Hunt (want to play?)

The list of items for this decluttering scavenger hunt came from the BeMoreWithLess website. It's supposed to be a family or a group challenge, but I'm playing by myself (occasionally passing something by Mr. Fixit).

1 small kitchen appliance (toaster, food processor, juicer, blender – if you don’t use it, lose it):
coffee percolator (an extra) and food processor (we have a newer, smaller one)

3 items from your closet that do not fit you: none, unless you count the Peanuts t-shirt I wore as a toddler

1 item from your closet that still has tags: I couldn't find anything.

20 hidden items (stuffed in your garage, shed, or another hidden storage area):  
bunch of kids' mittens and hats; I'm sure those add up to twenty

2 coffee mugs: we already did those

any candle holder that hasn’t held a candle in more than 6 months
2 winter coats: we already cleaned those out

5 trinkets: I do have a box with some ornaments that could find a new home

10 products in your bathroom that you haven’t used in more than 2 months: n/a

2 pieces of art that you don’t like to look at or haven’t looked at in months because they aren’t on the wall: n/a

any expired food in your fridge or freezer (toss this please): n/a

any unopened, unexpired food in your pantry that you aren’t going to eat (donate this please): n/a

2 tools you haven’t used in more than a year: the tools are Mr. Fixit's domain.

1 collection of goods to support a hobby you gave up (if you stopped camping, sewing, fishing, or coin collecting … it goes): n/a

5 pieces from a junk drawer that you’ve been saving just in case (even though you don’t know how to use them): n/a

2 throw pillows that should have been thrown months ago:  already did that

10 books: I've gotten rid of a lot already.

2 cookbooks: already did that

kids' toys in storage: Lydia cleaned out a few things, plus we sent a bagful of crayons and markers to the thrift store earlier this week.

10 mystery items (anything goes):
Loaf pan cozy
Valentine's Day stash
DVD sets
Pencil case
Unidentifiable objects
Stationery. I decided to rescue the binder, though.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?

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