Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Borrowed Wednesday Hodgepodge

There is no official Wednesday Hodgepodge today at From This Side of the Pond, but I've borrowed questions from "Volume 236," September 2015.

1. What have you 'fallen for' recently?

Fallen for, as in fallen in love with, or as in been suckered by?

Greek Yogurt baking chips from Bulk Barn. It's been too hot to bake, but that's supposed to end soon, so I'm thinking yogurt chip-cranberry-oatmeal cookies.

2. What's something you're 'squirreling away' for later?

Besides the Greek Yogurt chips? I also squirreled away a package of Happy Cherry candies as a back-to-school treat.

3. How do you like your apples? Sweet? Tart? Crisp? Cooked? Apples are one of the superfoods for often do you eat an apple either plain or as part of a favorite recipe? What's your favorite variety?

OK, now we're done with the candies...I'll eat pretty much any apple, any way, except for some of the green varieties that taste all fake and waxed. Mr. Fixit eats apples almost every day. We prefer to get fresh local apples, but we don't seem to be able to get enough of them the last few years; good apples have gotten expensive.

Favourite recipes? I'll link back to my post about apple pie, which I haven't made for quite awhile.Or if I had a whole lot of apples, I might make apple butter.

4. According to Fodor's the ten best fall foliage trips in the US of A are-Aspen Colorado, The Catskills New York, The Berkshires Massachusetts, Columbia River Gorge Oregon, Green Mountain Byway Vermont, Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway New Mexico, Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri, and Glacier National Park Montana. Which would you most like to visit this fall and why?

Actually we have lots of nice places to see autumn leaves right in Ontario, so I probably would just head north towards cottage country, and the really classic way to do it is from a train, especially through the Agawa Canyon.

But if I were going to the U.S., I would pick either the Catskills or Tennessee.

5. The topic of legalizing marijuana was raised in the most recent televised political debate so let's wade in too. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Four states have legalize marijuana for recreational use. Your thoughts?

No opinion, sorry.

6. Are you okay to watch a movie already in progress or do you need to always see it from the beginning? How about jumping into a TV series somewhere in the middle? Is that okay?

OK, that's a different question.

Having not had videos and such options until I was in high school, I grew up being reconciled to the idea that no, you wouldn't always get to see all of everything, because real life happened too. People came over and you turned off the T.V., or you didn't get home from Brownies until halfway through Little House on the Prairie, or whatever. The thing I like these days is that, if you start watching some old movie and you don't know what it is, you can usually get enough clues to look it up online. ("That's Fred Astaire...that's Mrs Kravitz from Bewitched, the first one not the second one...what movie were they both in?" "The Belle of New York, 1952." "Good, now I can sleep tonight.")

(See, you didn't even need to see more than a clip to get the gist of it!)

7. Thursday (September 24) is National Punctuation Day. What rule of punctuation trips you up most often? What rule of punctuation, when broken by someone else, bugs you the most?

I never knew how many places I wasn't using enough commas until I started using the grammar program that comes with Microsoft Word and now it tells me all the places I should be putting them in.

And if you think there should have been some in that last sentence, according to the grammar checker it was fine.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Recently I have been working on a writing project involving Roman tribunes. I never realized there was a difference between military and non-military tribunes, having watched too many religious movies where the Roman soldier is generally addressed as "Tribune." The non-military sort was a watchdog position, a "champion of the people," and he had the job of speaking for them and upholding their rights. It suddenly made me wonder why some newspapers are called The Tribune, so I looked it up and it turns out that's exactly why. The voice of the people. Who knew?

Not linked from anywhere, but the regular Hodgepodge will be back next week.

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