Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Frugal Finds and Fixes: We Moved Again Edition

Moving house can feel like the ultimate creative chance to re-use and re-purpose, because everything goes into a new spot. But it can also feel very costly when the decorating fun-money gets re-purposed for a garage-door-opener replacement, a dryer-vent overhaul, and an anticipated visit from the plumber. Just saying. We also had to buy a stepladder, a garbage can, a recycling bin, and a bunch of bits and pieces from the hardware store to make things work better.  But we are happy about the things we didn't have to fix or replace, like the appliances and flooring.
Our townhouse isn't officially much bigger in square footage than the apartment. But since it's two stories plus a basement, it feels roomier. There are more empty spots, like the breakfast nook (or dinette, whatever you want to call it) between the galley kitchen and the back deck. We have been using  a very old card table in there, but today we replaced it with a vintage Formica-topped table. It's not very big, but it is prettier and less wobbly than the card table. Now we just need to scout out some chairs.
Mr. Fixit thrifted a putting-on-shoes stool for the front hall.
More on the house as we go along!

In other frugal news: 

Sometimes you have to wait awhile for things to come along...like a good-quality t-shirt dress from the thrift store.  
I found this really bright scarf to wear with it.
Lydia says it's my Sarah Saw a Blue Macaw scarf.
These capiz-shell earrings were a case of when it really pays to wait. I saw them months ago on the Ten Thousand Villages website, but they were not that high on my priority list. Then I thought they had sold out forever; but they suddenly reappeared for two dollars during a clearance event. (The makers get paid in full no matter what.)
Mitford books and life-simplifying books from a yard sale, all free for the taking:
A very useful pair of navy pants from the thrift store. The photo is pretty bad (the light was terrible), but they look better in  real life. I also found a pair of beige pants at a consignment store that has an annual half-price sale in August. (Almost everything I've ever bought there has been during August.)
Finally, in the nice but not necessary department: while we were searching for tables at the antique market, I found a "bundle" of three sugar bowls and creamers, all three for five dollars. I put down the beautiful book about William Morris textiles that I had intended to buy, and took the not-matching-but-very-pretty pieces instead. (The first teapot shown was from a yard sale. The second came from a very out-of-the-way antiques place right after we moved to the apartment. History repeats.)


Anonymous said...

Your new home looks lovely!!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you! We are still amazed.

Donna said...

The Mitford Series! I fell in love with Timothy and Cynthia years ago. The husband had a second job during a very cold, snowy winter and I found myself unable to sleep until he arrived home. I found these books on audio cassette (yep, that long ago!) and devoured them. Great company indeed.
Have you read her newer books focusing on Dooley and Lace?

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Donna!

Yes, I've read most of the series. I like some of the later books even better than the early ones. They seem to widen the circle, reveal new possibilities for characters who had minor roles.