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Last updated July 2014.

We are a fivesome, living in urban southern Ontario (have lived in this area all our lives). 

We began our family blog in February 2005, with a hamster, a squirrel puppet, and a trio of youngsters who were all homeschooled at the time. The children have grown, the parents are moving into new paths...and the squirrel has lost a little more fur from his nose.  Most of the blog is now written by Mama Squirrel, with occasional posts from The Apprentice.

Here is a short rundown of the Treehouse inhabitants:

Mr. Fixit:  started out in electronics, spent many years working for the phone company and then as a network administrator; now back to electronics and fixitry, pursuing self-employment by restoring vintage radios, guitar amps, and occasional clocks.  A good Schwabian-style cook and back-porch barbecuer, he also enjoys vintage sitcoms and radio dramas, and has been known to venture into improv and stand-up comedy.

Mama Squirrel:  her questions about life's direction were resolved when she went for her first ride in Mr. Fixit's '79 Cordoba.  Things that spark her interest include Charlotte Mason homeschooling, frugality (homeschooling, food, crafts, just about anything), easy recipes, vintage books, and writing.  She also enjoys co-teaching adult Sunday School with Mr. Fixit.

The Apprentice:  a university grad (science major), currently looking for a post-university job, who also happens to be a licensed hairstylist, a lovely soprano, and a passionate knitter (when she has time).  She lives in an off-campus apartment during the week, but returns to the Treehouse on weekends.

Ponytails:  used to be homeschooled, now getting towards the end of public high school.  Enjoys music, vintage Audrey-Hepburn-in-Paris style, and cosmetology.  Very good at history.  Sometime in the next year she will be thinking about getting her first driver's permit.

Dollygirl, formerly called Crayons:  the last of the Squirrelings to homeschool.  Used to specialize in turning toilet paper tubes into people; more recently has become very interested in the world of 18-inch dolls.  Likes reading and taking swimming lessons; thinking about taking up archery.  Or guitar.

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