Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Project 333, Summer 2018: It's all about the flowers

Season: Summer 2018 (for as long as it lasts)
#project333 (link to Courtney Carver's home page)
Inspiration this season

Édouard Manet, "Carnations and Clematis in a Crystal Vase"
Necklace (thrifted). The inlaid bits are light green, light blue, and dark blue.
More necklaces, in purple, pink, and silver
Addition: large purple scarf with paisley and roses
Butterfly mugs

Planning and realities

Some people manage year-round wardrobes, but I can't. Maybe it's me and the things I do (or don't do) in summer; maybe it's the climate; but I tend to wear very different clothes in the warm months. If I include long sleeves and layers, I end up not wearing them when it's That usually means from the end of May through June, July and August. And last year, we had a heat wave in September.

There's also the problem of this-is-my-real-life. I don't work at an air-conditioned office job (and need work clothes), but I also don't play (or watch) sports, camp in the woods, or go to garden parties. I am going to be staying right here, doing an online course, going for walks, running errands, volunteering at the thrift store, and going to (pretty casual) church on Sundays. Maybe we'll take a couple of flea-market trips or drives to a lake, or I might take myself to Toronto for a day.

So what I mostly need are enough casual tops to last till we do laundry, a few things to wear on the bottom, and comfortable shoes to walk around in. I think I will add my maybe-laters at the bottom of the page, and if it does get cool, I'll pull them out.

Where I shop: Almost all the clothes, scarves, and jewelry on this list came from the local Mennonite Central Committee thrift store. (I think about four things were bought new or at a consignment store.) The shoes, hat, backpack, and purse were bought new, at different times.

Number of items:  33

Items counted: clothes and shoes
Tops (sleeveless and short-sleeved): 12 
Shirts, vests, sweaters: 5 
Pants and shorts: 5
Skirts: 4 
Dresses: 3
Shoes: 4

Not counted: purses, scarves, hat, belts, jewelry

Summer Clothes

I'm going start with a few things that seem to fit the "inspirations," and then move on to the neutrals and standbys. 

Pink cotton shirt (this is a nice one for summer because it has roll-up tabs on the sleeves)
Long pink tank top
White t-shirt with silver dots
Green cotton cardigan
 Sage-green and pink floral skirt (works with the cardigan)
Beaded top with lace sleeves
Grey flower t-shirt (and necklace)
Jade green silk t-shirt (brighter green than it looks; about the same colour as the skirt below)
Jade-green skirt, off-white t-shirt, butterfly scarf
Blue-purple top with 3/4 length sleeves
Grey textured skirt
White hat
Flowered slip-ons

A blue background

Denim blue merino/lyocell t-shirt

Blue sleeveless top with crocheted trim
Blue print jean-style skirt
Blue and navy print sleeveless top
Blue cotton vest
Chambray shirtdress
Blue purse

Neutrals and useful things

Grey and blue striped tank top, navy shorts
Grey jeans
Long navy t-shirt, pink circle scarf, blue jeans, grey running shoes
Navy cropped pants with floral texture
Navy embroidered dress
Bone-coloured flat shoes
Black t-shirt dress, maxi length but it can be belted up shorter
Black flat shoes

Navy short-sleeved pullover sweater (it's a change from a t-shirt)
Extra pair of shorts
Grey poncho

One-Week Wardrobe

Monday: Black t-shirt dress, or chambray dress (maybe over a tank top)

Tuesday: Navy t-shirt or pullover, with navy shorts or cropped pants

Wednesday: Off-white t-shirt with printed denim skirt, jade green skirt, or shorts

Thursday: Blue sleeveless top, cropped pants. Green cardigan or chambray dress as jacket if it's cool

Friday: Denim-blue t-shirt, blue jeans or shorts. Pink shirt as jacket if it's cool (or just wear the shirt with jeans)

Saturday: Grey t-shirt with flower, or purple top, and grey jeans

Sunday or other dressier occasions: Navy embroidered dress, black t-shirt dress, or a top and skirt

Cooler days, or the end of summer:

Dark jeans, a bit dressier than my regular ones
Favourite pair of leggings that are too hot for summer
Long-sleeved t-shirts
 Blue cardigan
Grey textured jacket (matches the skirt)
Green jean jacket
Zippered navy fleece jacket

Later Additions (yard sales and thrift stores)
Lightweight striped sweater
Lace top and batik print strapless maxidress/skirt
Purple bamboo draped dress 
An extra pair of grey jeans

Last updated June 5, 2018

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