Project 333: Winter Interlude

Last updated February 16, 2018

Season:  December 2017-February 2018

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Lawren Harris, North Shore of Lake Superior

Most of what's here came from thrift or consignment stores, and most of it was on the Fall/Winter list already. These are the clothes that keep me going all week, from active and often dusty volunteering mornings, to quiet days around the apartment, to casual dinners out and Sunday church.

Blue necklace
Multi-coloured scarf 
Small purse with a shoulder strap
Acrylic scarf
 Purple earrings (NEW, thrifted)

Flat shoes
Strap shoes, medium heels
Felt hat (NEW, thrifted)
Paisley shawl (NEW, thrifted)


Long tank top, deep pink, and a dress-length tank top, dark blue

Long navy t-shirt

Four long-sleeved t-shirts: off-white, grey, denim blue, and green

Plum-coloured jersey t-shirt with pink and white flowers (NEW, thrifted)

Plum-coloured jersey t-shirt, 3/4 length sleeves

Grey and white tunic top

Windowpane-check fleece pullover top 

Deep pink button-up shirt, 3/4 sleeves

Stretchy charcoal-grey button-up shirt

Grey/raspberry cotton knit shirt. It can also be worn open as a jacket.

Lightweight dark green pullover sweater 

Raspberry pullover sweater 

Navy pullover sweater

Thick quilted navy cowl-neck pullover (NEW)

Teal openwork pullover (NEW, thrifted)

Knit vest, mixed colours

Grey sheath dress 

Smoke Grey Revolve dress/tunic/top

 Dark green/blue/black sweater dress

Slate-blue cowlneck sweater dress 

Grey-blue turtleneck sweater dress

Dark grey midi skirt 

Wine-coloured rayon maxi skirt

Green/blue/grey/beige tweed skirt (NEW, thrifted)

Grey corduroy skirt

Dark grey corduroy pants

Blue jeans 

Grey jeans (NEW, thrifted)

Dark wash jeans (NEW, thrifted)

Charcoal jeggings replaced with navy skinny jeans (NEW, thrifted)

Dark grey pants in a dressier fabric; I don't wear these a lot, but there are times when jeans just don't work.

Dark teal Chrysalis Cardi, which is multi-purpose but which I'm most likely to wear as a wrap or cape

Red knit buttoned cape (NEW, thrifted)

Grey openwork poncho and matching circle scarf 

"Faded denim" four-way cardigan

Navy longer wrap cardigan

Dark grey blazer

Grey shawl-collar cardigan (NEW, thrifted)

 Teal green jean jacket 

Tapestry blazer with zipper (NEW, thrifted). This has turned out to be warm and practical during cold January weather.

Plum ruffled jacket wih zipper (NEW, thrifted)

Blue collarless jacket with toggle closing (NEW, thrifted)

Cold-weather jacket, black and burgundy

Green trench coat with detachable lining (NEW, thrifted)

Purple coat

What I Wore

Dec. 1: Grey cords, grey t-shirt layered under paisley shirt, necklace, flat shoes. Later: added red knit cape.
Dec. 2: Jeans, stretchy shirt
Dec. 3: Church: Grey Revolve dress, red knit cape. Later, concert: dress, zigzag scarf.
Dec. 4: Jeggings, plum t-shirt, knitted vest
Dec. 5: Jeans, grey t-shirt, blue cardigan, blue necklace, (warm jacket, burgundy hat)
Dec. 6: Jeans, pink shirt, raspberry pullover
Dec. 7: Morning at home: Grey-blue sweater dress, tights, elderberry-pink infinity scarf. Afternoon, chopping onions at church: Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.
Dec. 8: Jeans, denim-blue t-shirt, green jean jacket, (warm coat, crocheted hat)
Dec. 9: Morning errands: Grey cords, windowpane check pullover top. Evening, helping at church dinner: Grey jeans (new, thrifted), grey top, paisley shawl (new, thrifted).
Dec. 10: Church: Grey cords, raspberry pullover, paisley shawl worn as scarf.
Dec. 11: Cleaning morning: jeans, t-shirt
Dec. 12: Grey jeans, green long-sleeved t-shirt, knitted vest, workboots
Dec. 13: Grey jeans, purple top, purple and pink scarf
Dec. 14: Jeggings, long navy t-shirt, long navy cardigan (this is my favourite stay-home-feels-like-wearing-pajamas outfit)
Dec. 15: Grey and white tunic tucked into grey jeans; multi-coloured scarf, Christmas-ball earrings, boots. Later, going out for dinner: changed the scarf for paisley shawl and purple scarf, dangly purple earrings. 
Dec. 16: Jeans, pink shirt, blue cardigan
Dec. 17: Grey-blue turtleneck sweater dress, red knitted shawl, multicoloured scarf, tights, flat shoes. And the hat: why not.
Dec. 18: Jeans, green long-sleeved t-shirt, knitted vest.
Dec. 19: Grey jeans, stretchy shirt, Christmas sweatshirt, running shoes
Dec. 20: Sweatpants and t-shirt. Later: grey cord skirt, paisley shirt layered over pink tank top, tights, belt.
Dec. 21: Grey jeans, elderberry t-shirt, blue cardigan
Dec. 22: Grey cords, long-sleeved grey t-shirt, green jean jacket. Later: jeggings, same top, teal openwork pullover (NEW, thrifted), beads.
Dec. 23: Jeans, off-white long-sleeved tee, knitted vest, Christmas tree earrings

Now add some extremely cold weather...

Dec. 24: Cooking and cleaning: Grey jeans, grey t-shirt, purple fleece cardigan. Later: Wine maxi skirt, raspberry pullover, beads.

Dec. 25: same as Dec. 22.
Dec. 26: Jeans, windowpane check top, navy scarf
Dec. 27: Same as Dec. 14th
Dec. 28: Turtleneck sweater dress, knitted vest, textured tights, belt
Dec. 29: Out in the cold: Jeans plus tights, t-shirt, pullover, scarf, warm jacket, boots, hat. Later: Jeans, grey top, tapestry jacket (NEW, thrifted).
Dec. 30: Grey jeans, grey t-shirt, green jean jacket
Dec. 31: Church: Grey-blue sweater dress, tapestry jacket, tights, beads, boots. Later: same dress pulled up to tunic length, plus jeggings.

The deep freeze holds on through the New Year...

Jan. 1: Navy sweatpants, plum t-shirt, purple scarf  (I'm not going anywhere today!)
Jan. 2: Grey cords, grey t-shirt, teal openwork pullover, green (teal) scarf. Later: grey cords, dark green/black sweater dress worn as sweater, paisley shawl worn as scarf, sparkly earrings.
Jan. 3: Jeans, indigo t-shirt, blue cardigan, blue necklace
Jan. 4: Grey jeans, t-shirt
Jan. 5: Jeans, t-shirt, navy pullover, zigzag scarf. Later: green/black sweater dress, plum ruffled jacket (NEW, thrifted), old painted silk scarf worn loose, tights, purple earrings. I liked this combination because it reminded me again of Lawren Harris's snowy hills and evergreens.
Jan. 6: Jeans, green t-shirt, knitted vest
Jan. 7: Church: same as Jan. 5. Later: Grey cords, paisley shirt.

The freeze is lifting, but now we have messy snow and freezing rain

Jan. 8: Jeggings, pink shirt, long navy cardigan
Jan. 9: Grey jeans, grey top, knitted vest, beads, grey boots
Jan. 10: Jeans, t-shirt, raspberry pullover, floral scarf (NEW, thrifted)
Jan. 11: Grey jeans, green/black sweater dress worn as sweater, knitted vest
Jan. 12: Grey cords, windowpane checked fleece pullover
Jan. 13: Grey jeans, off-white long sleeved t-shirt, floral scarf
Jan. 14: Church: Grey cord skirt, grey jersey top, purple jacket, tights, zigzag scarf, heels.
Jan. 15: jeans, green long sleeved t-shirt, favourite green bamboo socks
Jan. 16: Jeans, purple t-shirt, blue cardigan, blue necklace, running shoes
Jan. 17: Jeggings, long navy t-shirt, knitted vest, (warm jacket, burgundy hat, boots)
Jan. 18: Grey jeans, grey long-sleeved t-shirt
Jan. 19: Jeans, stretchy charcoal shirt, scarf with roses

A bit more of a thaw

Jan. 20: Grey cords, purple top, paisley shawl worn as scarf
Jan. 21: Church: grey dress pants, grey top, navy quilted cowlneck pullover (NEW), multicoloured scarf worn loose, grey boots
Jan. 22: Grey-blue sweater dress, tights, elderberry circle scarf
Jan. 23: Jeans, plum top, knitted vest. Later: grey cord skirt, plum top, grey cardigan (NEW, thrifted), tights.
Jan. 24: Grey jeans, off-white top, grey cardigan, grey/silver necklace
Jan. 25: Work at home morning: Jeggings (one last time), long navy t-shirt, grey-blue scarf, necklace, fuzzy socks
Jan. 26: Volunteering morning: Grey jeans, off-white t-shirt, grey cardigan, (purple coat). Later: navy skinny jeans (NEW, thrifted), t-shirt, raspberry pullover, dark blue scarf
Jan. 27: Skinny jeans, grey and white tunic top
Jan. 28: Church: burgundy maxi skirt (pulled up a bit), plum top, dark blue jacket (buttoned up), painted silk scarf, necklace with snowflake, tights, flat shoes. Later: jeans, same top, knitted vest

Snow and cold again

Jan. 29: Work at home morning: Skinny jeans, navy t-shirt, grey cardigan, fuzzy socks
Jan. 30: Jeans, off-white t-shirt, navy pullover, purple and pink scarf
Jan. 31: Work at home morning: Navy jogging pants, grey t-shirt, navy quilted cowlneck pullover, fuzzy socks 

Feb. 1: Skinny jeans, pink tank top, grey-blue sweater dress worn as tunic, hand-knit socks
Feb. 2: Grey cords, green t-shirt, green jean jacket. Later: tweed skirt, green pullover, green scarf, tights, flat shoes
Feb. 3: Grey jeans, grey and white tunic top, knitted vest
Feb. 4: Church: same skirt outfit as Feb. 2nd
Feb. 5: Dark jeans, navy pullover, grey and pink scarf with roses
Feb. 6: Skinny jeans, raspberry pullover, dark blue scarf. Later: grey jeans, plum jersey top with flowers (NEW, thrifted), purple jacket, purple earrings
Feb. 7: Jeans, windowpane check fleece top, fuzzy socks
Feb. 8: Grey jeans, grey v-neck top (from other lists), purple jacket, purple necklace
Feb. 9: Jeans, t-shirt, navy quilted cowlneck pullover
Feb. 10: Skinny jeans, navy t-shirt, green jean jacket
Feb. 11: Grey jeans, navy pullover, fuzzy socks. Later: grey jeans, grey and whute tunic, grey scarf with pink roses

Some sunshine!

Feb. 12: Jeans, plum t-shirt with flowers
Feb. 13: Grey jeans, pink shirt
Feb. 14: Elderberry t-shirt and blue wrap sweater, tucked into jeans. Belt, pink earrings
Feb. 15: Jeans, t-shirt
Feb. 16: Grey jeans, green t-shirt, green jean jacket

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