Friday, February 18, 2005

Welcome to Dewey's Treehouse

Meet the squirrel family:

Mr. Fixit, who lined the nest with old issues of Popular Mechanics, and has scavenged such treasures as a vacuum tube tester, a Durst enlarger, and a complete set of Lemon Aid books. Since it takes so many acorns to feed three young squirrels, he has turned his considerable mechnical and technical talents to managing computer systems. When he's not doing that he likes to listen to classic rock on his classic stereo.

Mama Squirrel, who spends much of her time training the squirrel girls and figuring out ways to stretch acorn leftovers. (We are a family of homesquirrelers.)

The Apprentice, also known as TQ.

Ponytails, who would prefer to be called the Math Master.

Crayons, the youngest.

And Uncle Dewey who (we admit it) doesn't totally qualify as a real squirrel, since he's made of polyester and imagination, but he has lived in the treehouse for many years and likes to make himself at home.

We try to aim our small squirrels in the right direction and teach them to stay away from cats, and to appreciate small things (like a good hamburger from Mr. Fixit's charcoal barbecue). And sometimes to appreciate big things (like solid '80's cars).

1 comment:

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

"Family of homesquirrelers"
-giggles appreciatively

You really have a knack for well put phrases!