Friday, March 04, 2005

Happy Jack: Narration by Ponytails

Hi, my name is Ponytails. My little sister is Crayons, my big sister is The Apprentice, my mom is Mama Squirrel and my dad is Mr. Fixit. My favourite thing in school is copywork. The thing that I'm best at is math. I am reading Happy Jack Squirrel. There is this squirrel named Happy Jack Squirrel, he's a gray squirrel. And he walked by a hickory tree, and he saw all these big juicy nuts. And then his cousin Chatterer the Red Squirrel came along, but he was scolding and stuff. Happy Jack hoped he didn't see the big fat juicy nuts. He hoped that he would get all of them, just like a hog. But he took one of the big juicy nuts, Happy Jack did, and he was ticklish, so he started to hug himself. And of course, holding a big fat prickly nut, he dropped it, right on the head of Chatterer. And of course he said, "Did you do that on purpose?" "I didn't," said Happy Jack. "You did!" said Chatterer. "I didn't!" "You did!" Look at those two foolish little squirrels, fighting over nuts.

But Happy Jack's tiniest little cousin, a striped chipmunk, gathered all the nuts that Happy Jack and Chatterer made fall down because they were fighting. The end!


TheHeadGirl said...

Does the Striped Chipmunk have a name?

That was a great story, Ponytails!

Mama Squirrel said...

Mama Squirrel says she wrote it down wrong. His name really is Striped Chipmunk.

TheHeadGirl said...

What a fitting name. :)