Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Train your virtual camera on the Treehouse

Our friend Marsha at the Abarbablog (see the links to left) posted one of these so I'm doing a Squirrel family version.

Time: 3 p.m.

View from the window:
Snow on the swingset, on the fences, all over the back yard.

Listen In
CBC radio playing in the kitchen
It's too quiet upstairs. I'd better make sure nobody's cutting their hair off. [Postscript: I found The Apprentice reading The Bells on Finland Street to Ponytails. Crayons was also not doing anything particularly scary.]

Supper Plans
Spaghetti and meat sauce; reheated garlic breadsticks (from the Hillbilly Housewife site--those have become a favourite around here); lettuce and mushroom salad; brownies. [Postscript after dinner: Oops, forgot about the breadsticks. I knew there was something else I was going to do.]

Other sounds
The ding of the garlic-shaped timer to say that the brownies are supposed to be done. But they're not. (I love my timer. I found it at a yard sale after the buzzer on our stove quit working, and it still makes me smile.)

In the Living Room

Agh! It's tidy!
(Some CM mammas are coming over tonight to talk shop.) [Postscript for non-homeschoolers: CM means Charlotte Mason, a British educator and author who lived about a hundred years ago and whose philosophy is the mainstay of our Treehouse homeschooling.]

Beauty in the Common Things

DHM's recipe for crockpot cereal (we used shortgrain brown rice and pearl barley).

Bach on the CBC.

A set of magnetic words (Magnetic Poetry), that we bought so long ago that the only extra word we added was The Apprentice's name. (I guess we should add a couple more now.) [Postscript: Magnetic Poetry is fun and their site has some good stuff; if you click on Kids you can even play online with some of their word sets, but they also sell some things that most readers of this blog will not appreciate. Forewarned is forearmed.]

Crayons asking for more Little Tim books, please.

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