Thursday, February 09, 2006

Treehouse milestones

1. Crayons read her first really real book out loud today: Arthur's Pen Pal, by Lillian Hoban. This isn't the aardvark Arthur from Marc Brown's TV series; this Arthur is a chimp. (Link on GoodReads)

2. The Apprentice made chocolate chip cookies all by herself. OK, she's baked other things, but this was her own idea and she did all the work. Except for cracking the eggs. The Apprentice will do anything to avoid getting gook on her fingers.

3. Ponytails can sing all the words to Kiki Dee's part of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." She's also got most of the Kings and Queens of England song down pat, even though Beethoven's Wig had to go back to the library.

4. French Fry had a little tour around the house in his plastic ball. (We're pretty sure that French Fry is a boy.)

Some days are just full of new things.

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coffeemamma said...

And those are all very nice things! Congratulations Crayons! Your first really real book? Wow!