Friday, December 22, 2006

Five Things--tag, you're it

Maria at the Homeschool Math Blog tagged me to tell five things about myself that Treehouse visitors probably don't know. Without trying to encourage identity swipers.

So I'm doing it in a quiz format.

1. Which part-time/summer job did Mama Squirrel NEVER have?

a) counter help in a fast-food restaurant
b) camp kitchen prep cook/scullery maid
c) singalong lady at the library
d) office temp
e) bookstore clerk

2. How many wisdom teeth has Mama Squirrel had pulled?

a) one
b) two
c) all of them
d) none of them because they never came in

3. Which of these once-trendy haircuts did Mama Squirrel NEVER have?

a) shag
b) surf
c) Mohawk
d) short bob
e) Ed Grimley

4. Which of these albums did Mama Squirrel NEVER own?

a) Keith Green, Songs for the Shepherd
b) Amy Grant, Age to Age
c) Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell
d) DisinHAIRited
e) John Travolta's solo album

5. Which of these things has Mama Squirrel never eaten?

a) squid
b) tofu ice cream
c) oysters
d) plum pudding
e) Kraft Pizza Mix

The answers are here. Oh, and if you want to play--tag, you're it.

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