Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A view from the blog

At least one blogger I know has been musing about what she does and doesn't blog about. Like Mama Lion, there are parts of life-offline I'm eager to talk about, and others that I ignore. Awhile back (during Advent) I was invited to join a Christian bloggers' ring; and I hesitated on that one, because, although we are a Christian family, spiritual issues aren't always the focus of our blog. I don't feel like we fit too well into the "blogs of beauty" image either. Our blog is just...our lives. It's about the things that make us laugh and the ways we get on. And an occasional gloat when we find things at yard sales.

It's a view from up here in the (currently snowed-over) Treehouse. What I see going past our door, both in cyberspace and in real life.

And it's a view of the more public rooms of of the Treehouse, and the Squirrels who live in it. We're happy to show you our bookshelves, our kitchen, and our Christmas tree, but the doors are politely closed on the laundry room and the trash bin.

We don't post many pictures of the Squirrel family, not because we look like Shrek, but because we like our faces to belong to us and not to just anyone out there with Photoshop. Blogging is its own kind of snapshot-making.

And reading other peoples' blogs is like looking through their windows, and seeing them wave back. We're coming up on our second Treehouse anniversary, and it feels like a nice neighbourhood to be living in. (You're all invited over for the acornfest on February 18th.)


Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

I feel like my blog doesn't fit any category - we don't even blog much about homeschooling. If somebody asked me "what do you blog about?" I doubt I'd be able to come up with an answer.

coffeemamma said...

I *so* agree! That was one issue that my 'stalker' was continually harping on- that I was being 'dishonest' by not using my blog as a True Confessions diary. The point is, if the blog belongs to you, it's up to you what is posted- and your blog doesn't have to fit into any particular category to make a visit worthwhile. And honestly, it's 'jumble' blogs that I visit most often ;-)

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

Coffeemama, that's bizarre! Who's business is it what someone else wants to blog about on their personal space?

You had a stalker on your blog??