Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yogurt Pie

In the 2+ years that I've been blogging and posting recipes here, I've somehow missed mentioning Yogurt Pie. It's a very tasty, very versatile and quite-healthy dessert that we've made many times. We've had it topped with fresh raspberries and blueberries, kiwi and strawberries, and just plain for breakfast. (I'm making one for dessert tonight.)

Our copy of the recipe is on two pages torn (don't ask) from one of Emilie Barnes' books, but was actually created by Sue Gregg.

And you all are so lucky--with the wonders of technology, you can now have not only a nicer copy of the recipe than I do, but photos as well, because Sue Gregg has a step-by-step for the whole thing right here. Our version leaves out the coconut and coconut extract, but otherwise it's the same. (And if you want to know what "three cups of yogurt" looks like without measuring--it's a whole 750 ml container, for Canadians--and whatever the big size is, for Americans.)

Happy Victoria Day! (and for once, this holiday which often turns unco-operatively cold and rainy is a cool but sunny one)


Anonymous said...

Your pie suggestion sounds yummy! I think we may be getting your rain today. Don't worry about that, though. Rain is ALWAYS appreciated down here in Texas!

coffeemamma said...

We love frozen yogurt pie, too- but all we do is pour the yogurt into the pie crust, and freeze it ;-) Sometimes we top it with fruit, sometimes with a bit of whipped cream.

Unknown said...

ooooh... like cheesecake.... looks yummy!I might make cookies tonight. No one here would eat yogurt pie--- except for me..... then I'd have to eat thw WHOLE thing by myself....

Unknown said...

Ah, see, now I know what to do with the yogurt DH ordered me from his work!

Thanks! Looks great. We do something similar with cottage cheese to make Cheese cake rolls.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the link! This looks really yummy!