Friday, August 03, 2007

Homemade pencils, and pre-school weeks

This is something we might try during our two pre-school weeks at the end of the summer: making big homemade pencils out of paint stirrers.

Pre-school weeks?

The last week of August and the first week of September are going to be our prep-for-school weeks. We're going to get started with a few warmup things before the first term actually kicks in: practicing some easy sewing stitches before we start learning how to applique; reading an easy biography of Benjamin Franklin before sending Ponytails off to sink or swim with Poor Richard; getting used to the new copywork pages and Calculadder drills (something they've never done before); baking Alphabet Cookies and playing some spelling games. And we'll end it off by going to Marineland with our homeschool group. (I don't know if the Squirrelings will feel as happy about watching the trained whales jumping around, after watching both Free Willy and Free Willy II recently, but they still want to go.)

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