Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Crayons reinterprets Aesop

Crayons was narrating from Milo Winter's version of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

I read this: "When they reached the mansion in which the Town Mouse lived, they found on the table in the dining room the leavings of a very fine banquet. There were sweetmeats and jellies, pastries, delicious cheeses, indeed, the most tempting foods that a Mouse can imagine."

Crayons narrated, "There were all kinds of delicate foods: pastries, jelly, and meatloaf."

When I laughed, she said indignantly, "What's wrong with that? Meatloaf is nice."

At the end I read, "The Country Mouse stopped in the Town Mouse's den only long enough to pick up her carpet bag and umbrella."

Crayons narrated, "She stopped to pick up her sleeping bag and umbrella."

Well, it made more sense to her!

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