Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spanish with Kim, Latin with Ann

Ann of Holy Experience is always inspirational, but she also posts many a helpful homeschooling post. Here's one: resources for getting started with Latin.

And Kim continues to post about the CM approach to teaching Spanish.

Eruditio domi est sapiens!

(A virtual coin marked 40 B.C. if you can figure that one out. I'm not sure the online translator gave me the best word order...wouldn't "Eruditio domi sapiens est" sound better?)

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Javamom said...

Wow, am I blind! Thank you for the post and for Ann's recommendations for Latin! We discussed that in our most recent AO book club meeting, but it revolved mostly around CM and TPR foreign language study quotes.

I have to share with you my excitement this month while reading James J. Asher of TPR and foreign language acquisition. He quotes M. Gouin in his book that I've been pouring of which are exactly the quotes CM wrote in Volume 1 over nearly 125 years ago!

Yes, TPR and TPRS are the closest thing I've found to CM's recommendations to date. It is very exciting, indeed!