Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crayons' Grade Two: French (and frugal felt-board tips)

I posted a detailed look at the book we're using here. Because Aux Yeux des Enfants is so seasonally-oriented (pumpkins in October, Christmas trees in December, baby animals in spring), it was hard to get into it last year after we got off track for awhile. However, that's one thing that made it perfect for this year's special days and seasons focus.

On my to-do list: make some new felt-board dolls for the family in the story, because the ones I used with Ponytails got worn out or thrown out. We have a package of felt-board backing paper (paper with flocked ribs on the back) that was given to us by a Sunday School teacher and that has come in handy many times. But if you ever need to make felt-board shapes and don't have any felt or sandpaper, try construction paper--it clings very well too, especially if your felt board isn't sitting absolutely vertical. (I read that interfacing works too.)

Our felt board--I've probably said this somewhere before--is a big piece of felt pinned over the top of an old TV tray. (The safety pins are across the back, as if we had wrapped it for a present.) The felt tends to get grimy and pilled after awhile, which means you buy more felt you unpin the felt and turn it upside down until that side is finished too. THEN you go buy more felt. One piece (both sides) usually lasts us a couple of years. Here's another idea: sticky-backed felt.

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