Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday yard sale finds

Crayons found one addition to her Beanie Boppers: a hockey-playing Hat Trick Hunter. Very cute.

Mama Squirrel bought a boxful of mixed books and ca. 1994 educational software, some still in its shrinkwrap, and some on 3 1/2 inch HD diskettes that caused a Squirreling reaction similar to that seen in the dinosaur room at the ROM. We'll have to talk to Mr. Fixit to see if there's any way of using this stuff (obviously they're not going to fit into a CD-Rom drive). One we found on CD-Rom is "What's the Secret, Volume 1," from 3M Learning Software, and that does look pretty interesting. According to the reviewer, "Volume One contains everything children and adults want and need to know about: • Bee anatomy• Bee behavior• Our heart and blood• Blood Pressure• Our hearing• Stomach aches• Fractions• Sound waves• Roller coasters." Can't go wrong with that.

The books are mostly 1960's Whitman Teen Novels and Donna Parker books (we are thinking E-bay for those), plus a couple of good spy novels, a vintage French reader and a French translation of Lucy Daniels' Sheepdog in the Snow (an Animal Ark book).

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