Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrift shop haul

All books, today. Mama Squirrel had an errand downtown and happened to be near the thrift shop, and they had lots to pick from. She sadly left behind a whole slew of Fabbri's Great Musicians book-and-record sets from the 1960's. (The link is to an enthusiastic 1969 review.) Too much to carry, but maybe they'll still be there next time.

This is what did make it home, for a total of $7.25:

For The Apprentice:

Ender's Game

For Ponytails:

The Green Gables Detectives, by Eric Wilson [Update: Oh, had a second look at this one--this has real bodies and serious nasties in it, not a typical kids' mystery at all. That was disappointing!]
Knight's Castle

For Crayons:

Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Magic Book
Ramona and her Mother
A Mouse Called Wolf
The Rocking Horse Secret, by Rumer Godden

For school and other reasons:

From the Forest, by Amy Carmichael, 1940's edition
Your Passport to Creativity (an older booklet of international craft ideas)
Grade 9 French textbook
Grade 8 math textbook
Math for All Seasons, by Greg Tang
At Home: a Language Discovery Sticker book, French learning book published by Raincoast Books
At The Market: same series
The Kids Can Press French & English Word Book (our second copy, not in great shape but I thought for 75 cents we could even cut it up for flash cards)
The Mennonite Hymnal (our fourth copy, so more people can sing at once)


christinethecurious said...

My boys loved Knight's Castle! Then we got the Enchanted City out of the library since Edward Eager referenced E. Nesbit's book in his, and the boys wanted to follow the trail.

It turns out that the main character of the Enchanted City was home educated! We got a cheerful hoot out of that.


Birdie said...

Great stuff!