Friday, January 13, 2017

Shopping fun with Mama Squirrel

It was time for one of those not-often walking trips uptown. Actually I didn't have to walk there this time, because Mr. Fixit was having lunch with a friend and dropped me off near the stores.
At the bookstore: calendars for half price (we were using a freebie in the kitchen, and I thought sea turtles were nicer than photos of recipes we won't make), and the November/December issue of Faith Today. I was hoping for the Jan/Feb issue, but it's not in the store yet.
At the consignment store: two things I was especially looking for, and that I hadn't been able to find at the thrift store. First, a knitted vest.
And then a grey cardigan. I tried on about ten different ones before settling on this wrap style. (I was feeling very picky, and the others were all too dark, too light, too small, too fuzzy, or too overpriced.)
I stopped at the grocery store and picked up emergency lettuce for Muffin, and some half-priced onion-poppyseed buns. That store always has the best clearance baking.
Mr. Fixit picked me up at the library, where I found a for-sale book about cooking like a cheap mid-century Francophone.
Which made me hungry enough that I came home and ate one of the buns with cream cheese. Bon appetit.

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