Thursday, April 27, 2017

More moving stuff: repurposing things

Everything has a story, right?

The shelves in the photo below were part of a Crate Furniture Junior Loft Bed. We bought the bed and shelves for the Apprentice when she was a small only Squirreling, and the other Squirrelings later grew into and then out of the bed and/or the shelves and drawers that went with it. The shelves eventually got moved to the living room to be a T.V. stand. Now they're coming with us to hold stereo components. I'd say we got our money's worth.
These shelves look like more Crate Furniture, but they were made by a family friend who was renovating my parents' attic, thirty years ago. We took the shelves to our first house to keep toddler Apprentice from falling through a too-wide stair opening. At this house they were in a bedroom, then in the dining room to hold Mama Squirrel's favourite books; and they're going to do the same in the new dining area.
The new kitchen is a bit short on drawer space. I was going to look around for a countertop crock to hold utensils, but then I realized these wooden canisters will also work.
A favourite poster from the rec room, now going to brighten up the kitchen.

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