Friday, September 29, 2017

Now how did that end up at the thrift store?

I've said before that the goal of thrift shopping is not about getting a J. Crew haul and then blogging or vlogging about it. The "big score" is less important than finding something pretty or useful. Even if I find something name-brand, I don't usually post the name here--it feels like advertising.

But I was thriftily pleased this morning to find a Miik stretchy shirt in good condition, for a small fraction of its original price. Miik is a Canadian sustainable-ecological clothing company, and it's a bit out of my budget. So that was unexpected...and pretty and useful.

The belt on top of the shirt was a dollar. I keep finding fun belts lately.
I also found a Klutz Cards kit...another one of those thrifted things where you might not make cards, but you're still getting templates and measuring tools and cardstock and fancy paper. Can't lose. But since I do want to make cards, it's even better.

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