Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Intentional Thrifter calls a halt

In previous eras of my life, I have gone months at a time without buying much of anything for myself (except for books, and those don't count). Sometimes that was because we were on a tight budget. Sometimes it was because we weren't going anywhere that sold clothes. (Our usual grocery stop these days is at the Large Store That Starts With W, but previous supermarkets just sold food.) Sometimes I didn't need anything, or had no idea what I needed. During our  previous two-and-a-half-year thrift store volunteer stint, I think I bought one pair of shoes and a purse there, along with some Christmas decorations, a few girls' clothes, and a lot of books. In any case, I seemed to get by.

For the past year, clothing temptation has reared its head because I'm at the thrift store twice a week. (And also before that when we were downsizing and dropping by there so often.) I don't care much about bringing home books these days; I can admire and then happily put them out in the store to let them earn somebody else's money. But show me a nice scarf for a couple of dollars, and I'm undone.
Or, heaven forbid, a purple skirt that was on its last week before dropping to clothes oblivion.
It's suede. Unwashable, impractical, and $2.50.

Usually I do err on the solid and useful side, though. Like this grey sweatshirt-fabric circle cardigan. (The pink part is the lining.) I've tried out similar jackets and cardigans before, but the sleeves were always too tight, or something else wasn't quite right. This one I could happily wear everywhere, every day.
Oh yes, and a navy-and-frosty-grey pullover. Like Oliver Pig and his ever-growing Christmas list, I didn't strictly need it, but I wanted it, and it would go with everything (maybe not the suede skirt). And there was one free sweater spot in my drawer. Done.
And done. With the exception of a needed pair of shoes, tights and particular underpinnings, and a plain belt or two (that would be helpful), I am calling a moratorium on clothes (and scarf and jewelry) shopping, new and used, for the next three months. There are always going to be beautiful things cycling through the thrift store, but right now I have more than enough to enjoy, and if I brought anything else home, I'd have to say goodbye to something else.

Thrifting for the next while will lean towards home stuff (we could use an everyday tablecloth) and crafty stuff for Christmas holidays. And maybe a few good books.

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