Thursday, February 06, 2020

The long blog catch-up

So, yes, hello February. Like the groundhog, I'm coming out of our hole.

I think this is the longest blog hiatus I've ever taken in...fifteen years. (We started here in February 2005.) Although I don't have a 9 to 5 job, I do work at this and that, and the this and that seemed to wipe out blogging for the last while. 

I finished my Adult Ed courses early in December.
Then (aside from making cookies and stuff), I spent most of December working on a book project.
Image result for pompey

The current "other man" in my life is Pompey, as in Plutarch's Life Of. He's one of the few characters to earn a whole two terms of study in Charlotte Mason's schools (most just get one). Writing study notes for Pompey is like eating a foot-long sub instead of my usual six-inch. (We're Canadians. We still do not order subs in metric. Why's that?)
And then there has been thrift-store volunteering, books to read, places to go, and winter things. Not much snow shovelling here, our former Treehouse, the driveway was a team effort and could take hours (depending on how much the city plow had added to nature's abundant gifts). Our townhouse has snow-clearing services, but occasionally you do want to clear off your space yourself.

Mr. Fixit and I have visited a few more antique markets and thrift stores around town than we usually do. This is partly so he can scout out electronics to fix, but also just for the fun of it, looking for household things, sometimes music or books. Or clothes. 

One day we went to an antiques place that had a vintage booth, and I left with a cowlneck sweater.
Purse from the Salvation Army store.
Artwork from Value Village.
Sweater and pants from the MCC store.
This white sweater is going to get a post of its own.

So what's new with you?


Terra said...

I like the color of that purse, and the cowl neck sweater is a pretty color too.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you! One of my favourite colours.