Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Thrifting and Unthrifting

Part One: Thrifting, mostly purple

We heard that yet another thrift store re-opened, so we went there today.  The bag, tops and cookbook are from that trip.
Canvas tote bag
The More-With-Less Cookbook, 2016 edition
Tank top #1
Tank top/camisole #2
Purple and gold bracelet my daughter found at the antiques mall: thrifted and gifted (thank you!).

Part Two: Unthrifting

I posted about hemming a pair of white pants. I bought this green pair during the winter, which were also too long. I decided to use them to practice hemming pants while keeping the original hem.  I didn't sweat as much over these.
These unfinished-wood magazine holders came from a yard sale years ago. I've used them as is, but I've decided to sand them a bit and spray-paint them brown.
Finally, a book I read in the winter and was going to re-donate, but changed my mind. Wardrobe Solutions is a 1999 book by Susie Faux, who is famous as the originator of the phrase "capsule wardrobe." It's a bit dated, but I think I'm going to keep it around a bit longer, just for fun.


Honey and Pappy said...

I have been looking for that cookbook for years! Lucky you

Mama Squirrel said...

Older ones often come up at thrift stores (I've had a couple of copies over the years, going right back to the original); but the new one is updated, has photos and other nice things.