Thursday, January 28, 2021

Deep-Dish Contentment (Come Unthrifting Again)


The January sunshine is cold but brilliant. Through our upstairs window I see what looks like dancing glitter over the porch roof. Is it snowing, or just blowing? You have to look hard, and it only works when the sun is coming down full blast.

During the days I work on writing projects, while Mr. Fixit works on his restorations
Or read books. I just finished Reading Buechner on the Kindle app. I'm reading my Christmas-gift-card copy of You Are What You Love, and re-reading last year's Christmas-gift-card copy of The Conscious Closet. I'm also working on a scrounged-last-year copy of Unspeakable: Facing Up to the Challenge of Evil, by Os Guinness. 

I look at my Lismer print over the computer desk.
I do the laundry. Mr. Fixit vacuums the floors.

In the evenings we listen to vintage music through a vintage radio.
We set the table, light candles...
and eat homemade deep-dish pizza.
Or honey garlic chicken. Or leftovers.

There is lots to chafe over, right now. But there are good things to focus on.

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