Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Winter Blues (A Wardrobe Sequel)


Here's the [somewhat hypothetical] tale to go with this wardrobe.

They just found out that they're moving.  Across town. Again. In the dead of winter. With lots of things restricted and problematic and in short supply. She sighs very deeply.

Plus, she's very mad at herself because she's lost an earring somewhere in the house. She's sure it did not disappear when she was out. But she can't find it.
So she figures that what she's going to be wearing most in the next few weeks is...her winter coat and snow boots. And in that case, who cares what's underneath?

Well, she does. But it had better be practical and stand up to hauling boxes in and out of a parking garage.

Crocheted beanie, handmade. Gloves, gifted some time back.

This painting popped up on an Instagram art account she follows. David Milne was a Canadian painter whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Some people don't like his minimalist approach. Others find it  refreshing...something they are happy to keep looking at. She puts herself into the second category.

David Milne, Gray Hills, 1915-16

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