Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Winter Blues (Sequel to the travel story)

Here's the [somewhat hypothetical] tale to go with this wardrobe.

They just found out that they're moving.  Across town. Again. In the dead of winter. With lots of things restricted and problematic and in short supply. She sighs very deeply.

Plus, she's very mad at herself because she's lost an earring somewhere in the house. She's sure it did not disappear when she was out. But she can't find it.
So she figures that what she's going to be wearing most in the next few weeks is...her winter coat and snow boots. And in that case, who cares what's underneath?

Well, she does. But it had better be practical and stand up to hauling boxes in and out of a parking garage.

Crocheted beanie, handmade. Gloves, gifted some time back.

This painting popped up on an Instagram art account she follows. David Milne was a Canadian painter whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Some people don't like his minimalist approach. Others find it  refreshing...something they are happy to keep looking at. She puts herself into the second category.

David Milne, Gray Hills, 1915-16

And then there were a couple of small coincidences. Her husband was at a thrift store and found her a silver wristwatch, with a blue-tinged face, that just needed a few links removed from the band to fit properly (yes, she knows she's lucky to have him around). 
She took a bit of Christmas money to the Northern Reflections outlet store; she intended to buy a long-sleeved pink t-shirt she had seen on their website. But then she saw this Textured Bird scarf, for half the regular price (no longer on the NR site, it must be sold out).
Weren't those branches the image of David Milne's, she thought?
So she put the pink top back on the pile, and found a blue mock-neck instead. Now we're cooking.

Then they got the news about their new place. They will have the keys a bit before the official moving date, so there's going to be some slogging ahead.

(Would you pack rocks? She would.)
Pottery bowl: gift from daughter. Stones: collected from summer trips to Lake Huron.

(Most of the clothing and accessories were thrifted unless noted otherwise.)

Her previous (Vivienne Files-inspired) travel outfit will suit her current needs as well:  a blue-grey menswear pullover, off-white turtleneck (Northern Reflections), and grey pinstriped jeans. Also in the photo (as in the original story): short boots and a smallish purse (bought a few years ago at Giant Tiger).
"Vicky" waterproof boots by Wanderlust, found on sale at the outlet mall
(She wishes it were summer so she could wear these too! But she packs them with the summer clothes)

But this time she decides to try working with the thirteen-piece Vivienne Files Weekly Timeless Wardrobe.

For winter, the list says:

Light, neutral cotton turtleneck
Dark neutral cotton turtleneck
Accent colour cotton turtleneck
Accent or print cotton turtleneck (the VF really likes turtlenecks)

Dark neutral corduroy pants
Dark neutral warm trousers

Dark neutral warm cardigan
Flannel shirt

Neutral print or patterned top
Textured neutral top

Neutral or accent second layer

Mid-calf warm skirt
Warm dress--wool or other knit

So basically, you start with four warmish under-layers, turtlenecks or not. Then add two or three bottoms, a couple more tops (preferably somewhat neutral), a warm button-up shirt, and a couple of cardigans or other second layers. Plus a dress, which, depending on the style, might be able to be layered with the other tops or skirts.

Four turtlenecks and things:
Two pairs of old-faithful jeans
Men's plaid flannel shirt, blue pullover with denim fringe, and Tencel jean-style shirt
Print dress from Mata Traders (via the MCC store)
Um, that's only ten things, not thirteen. She must have missed something.
Well, t-shirts and sweaters are always good, even if they're wrinkled.
A better look at that bottom sweater. It has a nice texture, but it's really short--she has to wear it on top of something else.
So that's the basic thirteen. What about a few more things to make it a "wardrobe of the month?"
She doesn't have any jackets or even cardigans on the list, so she decides to go against her has-to-be-practical side, and include her dusty-blue blazer again.
Then there's this printed sweatshirt:
Also a purple linen top, which is too lightweight for winter, but she can layer it; plus a pair of pull-on pants.
Still no cardigan?
She adds in her grey fleece button-up.
Maybe a dressy blouse?
A t-shirt for some brightness. (Even in winter, we do not live by turtlenecks alone.)
One more piece to make 21? This white v-neck pullover works with a lot of the other pieces.

And there we go. Enough jeans and flannel and t-shirts to carry boxes through the snow, and a few nicer things to remind her that dressing up does still exist.

If we're going to play Accessory Families, her co-ordinating socks are not too exciting.
But she did pull out a few necklaces and earrings that would work.
The earrings (and bracelets) she did not lose
A few scarves
Backpack: very handy for trips back and forth.
An extra hat
An extra purse

Finally everything is packed, and they are waiting for the movers. She walks around the almost-empty bedroom, and checks the closet for anything left behind. And that's when she sees...

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The Vivenne Files said...

This is wonderful - the earring at the end made my heart happy! Your choice of clothes is always so nice, and it's easy to see your personal style in the things that you choose. And a husband that finds nice things for you is definitely a keeper!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you, Janice!

:-{ I have not really found the earring yet!Years ago when I was wearing hard contact lenses, one of them popped out, dropped down to an open file drawer, and *stuck itself* to a folder. By the time I found it, I had already ordered a replacement. But as I can't replace the earring, I'm still hoping for a similar crazy story!